#Protect Accent

At Protect Accent we are a radical inclusionist, change catalyst, with a mindset of the transformer and very passionate about Equality and Diversity. We want to bring accent biases to the top of the equality agenda and shine the spotlight on it.

We are passionate about empowering and equipping businesses and individuals to promote equality and diversity among their workforces. We aim to promote acceptance and inclusivity by influencing positive behavioural changes among team members, through education and by providing the empirical evidence that is necessary for driving change.

The Problems We Solve

Sign Up to the Accent Charter

Signing up for the Accent Charter is the first substantial step an organisation can take in the inclusion of all accents, in all forms and levels of organisational communication

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​Accent focused discrimination cannot be buried in the clutter that is unconscious bias, we want to bring it to the top of the equality agenda and shine the spotlight on it.

Your accent is your ID

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May 21, 2020

The key changes that are urgently needed in organisational communication.

Michaela Gibson explains why there needs to be a shift in the concepts and perceptions of organisational communication.
May 15, 2020

Adrian Whelan captures why the #ProtectAccent campaign is so important and provides insights to why he joined the #ProtectAccent campaign.

May 15, 2020

Corporate social responsibility and accent discrimination.