About Us

Our Aims

The Protect Accent project is about empowering and equipping businesses and individuals to promote equality and diversity among their workforces and eliminating unlawful discrimination and unconscious biases and stereotypes.

​Our aim is to promote acceptance and inclusivity by influencing positive behavioural changes among team members, through education and by providing the empirical evidence that is necessary for driving change. This will enable organisations to be truly representative of all sections of society and customers, and for each employee to feel respected and able to give their best.

​Our flagship programme is to promote linguistic diversity. We believe that effective communication is key to solving problems, fostering team collaboration and promoting stakeholder engagements and buy-in. Therefore, we are committed to promoting clarity of speech but also promote accent inclusion and acceptance.

"​Our accent is our identity and no one should be penalised for that. The aim of the Protect Accent project is to highlight the issues around accentism and explore possible solutions."

We Offer Extensive Training

Our training course is offered to people and organizations to help them accept and encourage an unbiased environment. Through executive coaching and training, we help people achieve their full potential by developing leadership skills, gain self-awareness, clarify goals and achieve their development objectives.