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Join Us

Are you passionate about making a difference and want to be a part of a highly motivated, change-driven team? Why not consider becoming a part of our amazing team? There are three ways by which you can join the #ProtectAccent campaign.

Our Roles

We are looking for individuals who can help in raising the awareness of accent bias and promote the accent charter in their workplaces. Our roles are suitable for and available to individuals who are highly motivated and very intentional about creating positive meaningful changes in the workspace, communities and provide opportunities for individuals to raise the level of awareness on accent bias and promote accent inclusion in their workplaces and the broader society.

Ambassadorial Role

Our brand ambassadors make a real difference in driving accent inclusion into the fabric of all levels of organisational communication, they use their enthusiasm and contacts to put the campaign in the hands of influencers, hearts of organisations and communities. They promote the #ProtectAccent campaign on social media and in their sphere of influence and facilitate strategic collaboration between their own organisation and #ProtectAccent if feasible.

They are also very instrumental in organising the #ProtectAccent conferences, promoting the accent charter, securing sponsorship deals and raising the awareness on accent bias and discrimination in organisations and the broader society. This is a voluntary role and you can choose to commit to as many hours as convenient for you. However, we have recently updated our requirements to include that ambassador commit to putting up at least one short relevant post a month on our LinkedIn or Twitter page, feel free to publish an article on topical issues around accent bias if you like. There is also a one-hour bi-monthly online meeting so as to enable us to stay in touch, strategise, coordinate team efforts and keep abreast of new developments.

Benefits of being our ambassador: Opportunity to be a part of a groundbreaking campaign that is positively impacting lives. Opportunity to share your passion for what you truly believe and make a difference. Keynote or conference speaker opportunities. Opportunity to meet new people and share your experience.

Accent Charter Championing

The Accent Charter will empower organisations to create an inclusive workplace culture, drive positive team behaviour, eliminate toxic workplace culture and create an inclusive workplace environment where everyone can thrive and achieve. You will be involved with promoting and encouraging organisations to join and be a part of the Accent Charter.

Future Amplified Voices

The Protect Accent Campaign is launching our youth empowerment platform – Future Amplified Voices(FAV), which platform will empower the voices of the future. We would like to hear from young adults aged 18 to 25 with an interest in diversity and inclusion, social media and career development. This is an opportunity to be a part of the Protect Accent team raising awareness of how young people are impacted by accent discrimination using different media platforms.

You will acquire work-related skills such as team building, event planning, media management. We are planning a youth event later in the year and are keen to recruit a team of passionate volunteers with innovative ideas to highlight this important topic. In joining the Protect Accent Campaign you will have access to a range of professionals across various industry sectors and will gain skills that are in high demand within many corporate workplaces.